BPO 外包服务

Business Process Outsourcing

人力资源咨询与管理 / Human Resource Consulting and Management

人力资源管理优化 HR Management Optimization











HR Management Diagnosis

The best practices of multiple sectors are used to conduct organizational strategy assessment, organizational effectiveness diagnosis and HR management efficiency diagnosis to identify the crux of your HR management and thus bring forward solutions.

Organizational Structure Design

From the dimensions of strategy, operations and post, we assist enterprises in erecting the basic platform of HR management, trim the performance system, clarify the responsibilities of different jobs, simplify and optimize the organizational structure, strengthen the organizational adaptation to changes and effectively reduce management cost.

Payroll System Design

The corporate strategies and HR strategies are used as a basis to establish the general payroll strategy, to guarantee the market competitiveness and internal incentive of payroll system, and effectively realize the consistency of employees’ work performance with enterprises’ development objectives.

Performance Evaluation System Design

We design the performance index system and set up the performance operation management system in accordance with enterprise development strategies and organizational objectives to ensure the effective implementation of performance evaluation systems.

Data and Information Services

We provide information services such as surveys on sub-trade payroll, employee satisfaction and cross-culture for reference in HR management decision-making.

劳动关系与合规支持 Labor Relations and Compliance Support









Compliance Audit and Risk Control

We classify, trim, review and modify employment and legal texts for clients to achieve effective risk control, to locate and make up the deficiencies in the internal management processes, and to upgrade management compliance.

HR Compliance Management of Enterprise Transformation

Focusing on employment scheme adjustment in each enterprise’s transformation period, we provide total solutions from scheme design to implementation and even subsequent maintenance,thus achieving effective cost control and transformation strategy support on the basis of compliance.

Redundant Personnel Resettlement and Employment Termination

We provide legal consulting, case-sharing and one-stop services based on your needs in order to fully support project completion at pre-determined time points and to effectively realize the objectives of risk management and cost control.

Employment Mode Optimization

On the basis of compliance, we offer enterprises the most reasonable employment optimization solutions, including labor dispatch, part-time job agency services, and labor service cooperation, as well as employment management-related optimization services.